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SpillHound Oil Absorbent is a blend of natural plant fibres from a fully renewable source chemically modified to produce a high-performance absorbent which is the most cost-effective oil spillage clean-up product available.

The natural fibre structure of SpillHound Oil Absorbent has a unique affinity for solvents oils and oil based paints. This delivers unequalled performance in spill containment and control.

Oil is rapidly absorbed into the capillary structure of the plant material. Once absorbed the oil cannot escape. It does not migrate even in the presence of water or under mechanical pressure. The spilled oil is totally absorbed in much less time than can be achieved with conventional absorbents.

Oil Absorbent has been developed using advanced Spill Hound technology. An experiment conducted to measure the time benefit of using Oil Absorbent showed that it was nearly six times faster than conventional absorbent. A spill that took 18 minutes and five applications of cat litter was replicated and treated with Oil Absorbent. Total clean-up was achieved with one application in just three and a half minutes. After a spill area has been correctly treated with Oil Absorbent there is no slippery residue left behind. This significantly reduces the risk of injury to personnel.

Oil Absorbent used in conjunction with the SpillHound Recycling Centre can be recycled up to eight times minimising waste reducing the amount of stock required and delivering massive savings in waste disposal costs. Find out how with the SpillHound Recycling Centre.

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