BikeWash Helps Young People10th August 2012

Anti-Social behaviour amongst young people is not a problem unique to any city or to any country. In the UK, a Cheshire motocross champion has realised a dream to help disadvantaged youngsters in his local area.

Graham Lee has established the first Base MotoPark, a purpose built, 5 hectare off road dirt bike track designed to engage youngsters who might otherwise drift into crime. As Graham says: “We are fully supported by our local police and council, and we have seen a 50% decrease in anti-social biking offences from young boys since the MotoPark opened “.

Boys are not just taught to ride safely – they are also taught the importance of bike maintenance and cleaning. Graham continues: “Bike maintenance and cleaning is an essential requirement and we have found that the new Gulf  BikeWash gives us excellent results fast. This is important because the faster we can clean the bikes, the sooner we can get out there and get them dirty again!”.